Hydrocodone vs codeine

Hydrocodone vs. Codeine opiates - Reddit

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Hydrocodone vs codeine
Hydrocodone vs. Codeine opiates - Reddit

For $20 he's offering 58mg codeine + 36.25mg promethazine in the form of syrup OR 30mg hydrocodone and 25mg promethazine in separate.

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I've gotten my CWEs down to a pretty effective science, and I usually find that even the best ones can still end up losing up to half of your hydro. It takes around 60mg of hydrocodone to get me feeling good, so with my CWEs I usually have to use at least 90mg-worth of pills. However, I only do CWEs if I'd end up having to ingest more than about 3 1/2 - 4 thousand mg of APAP. Say you were looking to take 50mg of hydrocodone, and you have 5/500 Vicodins. You'd want to do a CWE on about 15-17 of them to yield 50mg of hydro. However, let's say you want 50mg of hydrocodone, and you have 10/325s - just eat five of them, you're only ingesting 1625mg of APAP, well below that 3500 - 4000mg danger zone. I would suggest going with the Hydrocodone, rather than the codeine - you'll probably end up getting more for your money. Street price of Hydrocodone in my area is usually about $0.40-$0.50/milligram, so try not to get ripped off.

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I just found someone else who deals with opiates but overprices them big time compared to my last guy. For $20 he's offering 58mg codeine + 36.25mg promethazine in the form of syrup OR 30mg hydrocodone and 25mg promethazine in separate pill form. Which should I go for? I know codeine is very weak so i'm pretty sure the hydrocodone will be the better deal, i'm just wondering how much my tolerance has gone down in these past 2-3 weeks. I have grapefruit juice and DPH to potentiate it.

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Get the hydro and enjoy your cloud my man!

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The price for that codeine is a ripoff. Definiy go for the hydrocodone that's actually a decent price and 30mg of hydro is maybe comparable to 200-300mg of codeine. But honestly I would take the 30mg of hydro over 200mg of codeine. Ill take codeine if there is nothing else but shit makes me itch like a motherfucker and its just not as good.

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Bioavailability of various opioids.

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You don't need to cwe that ur wasting a lot and ur no where best the upper limit for apap. Stop it.

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I recently dove into the world of opiates after my dealer got a prescription for hydrocodone and sold me some. After doing a CWE and trying 20mg I was underwhelmed and didn't understand how people get addicted to this. I then bumped it up to 50mg + 25mg DPH and saw the potential, it was lovely. I did hydrocodone 5 more times that week with doses ranging from 30-60mg often in combination with DPH. Unfortunay my dealer ran out of his prescription and I have been trying to get some opiates ever since, this was about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

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Get the hydro. Its a fair enough price.

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58mg codeine is nothing. And CWE extracting low doses if hydro as others have pointed out is pointless! GL.

I'm seconding what this power ranger says - stop it right now - just EAT THEM! You should only CWE if you're going to exceed 3 1/2 - 4 grams of APAP.

Oh, and generic tagamet to help potentiate.

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Many opioid pills are a combination of an opiate plus acetaminophen. Given how bad acetaminophen is for your liver we recommend doing a cold water extraction if you're going to be taking more than a few grams of it.

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