Vicodin for a COUGH?

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Codeine promethazine cough syrup
Vicodin for a COUGH?

Hi, vicodin does supress your respitory system so perhaps that is why. It is in alot of prescribed cough meds as well.-K 15 Mar 2013.

They actually have a cough syrup with the med in it. I think its called Hycodin cough syrup. Not sure about the spelling. Its true. It calms chronic coughing so you can get your rest and start to heal and get better. I'd understand that more then the tablets but who knows???

thats weird.. cuz last week I, ME, called my best friends oncologist (he was diagnosed with stage 3 non hotchkins a few months ago) and he himself called in to prescribe new drugs for my friend. they were pain meds and benzos, and he hadnt ever gotten them before cuz he doesnt like pills, but he was just in too much pain from chemo. and I AGAIN MYSELF went up and picked his script up for him too. i live in cali just for the record. :) 6 Feb 2012.

copperteam, many drs use vicoden or percocet for a cough suppressant. there is also a liquid formula they give for cough. so i would have to disagree with that one. also vicoden, and codeine is one of the pain medications that is in a lower class of opiate and does not require a written prescription. percocet, dilaudid and morphine on the other hand is in a class that has to be written only. and this has probably been something the dr has prescribed before for the same reason. normally thats when a dr calls in with out seeing, if its been given before. sorry if you dont agree. take care, helpmehawaii.

I was whondering if i would get caught or in trouble if i changed my real prescription for vicodin 5 and add a 7. to make it 7.5 vicodin? i've.

I have had a very bad cough for almost 4 months now, I have been to the doctor twice and had a chest xray, no fever but the cough varies from dry to.

Mary, I was very very very young at the time lol, but I remember the older kids used to add something to the coke to make it a druggy drink, not my cuppa tea.

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damn memory!! can't remember what it was but it lead to them eventually taking the coke out of the coke. wonder if it would help the fibro???

Mary, me again, I just remembered something... my mother use to give us the coke syrup when we had an upset stomach and it REALLY worked like a charm.

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A friend called into her doctor (not visited the doctor) and told him her cold and bad cough wasn't going away. They did not ask to see her in the office. Rather, they called a prescription of Vicodin into a pharmacy for her cough. What the heck??? This is outrageous misuse of a narcotic drug! Is this not incredibly unprofessional care, prescription use, and also is it not illegal to prescribe a narcotic via phone rather than a written prescription? 5 Feb 2012.

I have a persistent cough that I can not get rid of. I was recently told I have asthma as I came down with asthmatic bronchitis and I went to the.

Anonymous you are 100% WRONG. ALL narcotics require a written prescription and even ID to pick up from the pharmacy. New laws this last October upgraded the class of Vicodin to the same as more serious drugs like morphine and dilaudid and can NO longer be refilled or called in. A hard copy of the written prescription for 30 days only must be hand delivered within 7 days of being physically written by the doctor. Even before the class change of Vicodin a prescription was still required. I take both morphine and Vicodin and have personal experience with these procedures.

You are right Mindy! My son collects coke stuff (the cola kind)& has the entire history of coka cola. It's on the web... Mary.

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Have to agree with Leanne on this one. Before vicodin came out cough syrups all had codeine in them. Some prescribe tylenol # 3, but the vicodin does help surpress a cough.

My husband had shoulder surgery several years ago. He was given Vicodin. I have post nasal drip which causes me to cough constantly- soooo annoying! So I had taken one r two of the vicodin over the several months that he was on it. The darn stuff made my cough go away. I would take it at night thinking it would help me sleep better, well much to my surprise my nasty post nasal cough was non-existant!!! I actually called my specialist and told the nurse about this discovery and she was NOT receptive at all! I didn't ask for it I just told them of my results from taking it and how nice it was to not be coughing- it fell on deaf ears!! Vicodin is mostly tylenol if you look up it's chemical equation. Wish I could get some, I cough CONSTANTLY!! Have for years!!! UGH! 15 May 2013.

Ok here goes... I have never been able to take morphine or lortab without extreme nausea. I normally ask for an antiemetic to go along with the.

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and Coca Cola had coke in it, couldn't resist that one sorry, oh the good old days, just kidding.

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wasn't it ciggarette ashes or something like that? YUK! I remember that too!

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Heck I did that with mine when they were young too! 6 Feb 2012.

Vicodin cough syrup