I am allergic to codeine and morphine drugs. What can I take for pain?

Getmedicil.bizPain medication without codeine

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Pain medication without codeine
I am allergic to codeine and morphine drugs. What can I take for pain?

That's very kind, thank you!! you are welcome... Mary.

I also have had some major problems i cant take t 3 or 4 i have a bad teaction tramadol either the only thing i can take is hydrocodone norco lorecet any of those and that seems to help me alot i would try if i was u 18 Jun 2013.

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I hope all is well with you in your world and your issues are few... Mary.

I have never heard of those. May be a stupid question but are they available in Canada?

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By the way, if heat help you... try some heat. I also have those "gel packs" that you can get from a pharmacy that you keep in the freezer and are reusable. Just thinking of things that you can try to help make you comfortable that aren't also a lot of money or apt to make you loopy. Blessings, Mary.

Hi, Sorry your in so much pain. I too am in pain, every day of my life. I can give you a suggestion like other people have, & I will, how ever, the person you should be asking is a Dr. You also need to take into consideration any other medication you may be on and if they interact. Having said all that, my recommendation is Neurontin, I have Fibromyalgia and am in pain from head to toe every day of my life and the Neurontin helps a lot. Another thing to try is acupuncture, I have herd nothing but good reviews and am going to try it in January when my insurance kicks in. Hope this helps.

Did you surgeon suggest you get a "POLAR CARE" unit??? It looks like those little igloo cooler containers. There is a hose, an adapter, a motor and the pump pushes cold water through a "pad" that is attached to the end of the hose. You can use it as long as you need it but especially following the surgery. I had to have one before he would do the rotator cuff repair.

have you tried lidocaine patches? The VA gives them to my son, who has a spinal injury. Also 15 minutes of ice packs several times a day can be helpful after you try to do something or have physical therapy. An injured muscle becomes inflamed-and ice packs reduce the inflammation. My specialist has me do this. Good luck.

Please check out getting rotator cuff surgery. I had it done 4-5 years ago arthroscopy, and to this day I can't lift my arm more than 3-4 inches above. I will never be able to raise my arm above my shoulder again. They put the pain pump in me for a week and some vicodone and I am very tolerant to pain but this was the worst pain I have ever had. I had to sleep on my couch for 2-3 weeks because I couldn't move my right side. I hate to say I even cryed I hurt so bad.I need it done again but that will never happen. I can l you that I know of 5 people that had multiple surgerys for rotater cuff and not one can lift there arm over there head not even close. Do a lot of research wish I had. Take care. 16 Oct 2012.

Have u tried Nucynta? It's kinda new and I too am very sensitive and highly allergic to the same meds u are as swell as several other meds. It is in same family as other opiates but less side effects. 18 Dec 2013.

... which is "Oxycodone and Acetomenophin" as you know. Is Oxycodone the same as Codeine? Or Is it different and safe to use?

Added 8 May 2012:

I tore my shoulder over a year ago and am still looking at 6 months at least for surgery. I have been living in constant pain as I am allergic to all codeine and morphine drugs... so no percocet, tylenol #2 or #3, endocet, oxycocet... and over the counter meds do nothing for me. In the hospital I can use demerol shots for a few days then they stop working. Apparently I just metabolise stuff quickly or become allergic. I am at the end of my wits!! What is still out there that I can use? I do not like all the side effects to Lipitor so no go. Please help!!

I can use Demerol, but my doctors are saving it for emergencies, like when I broke my arm last summer. Then they only gave me 4 days worth. (16.

OMG-I totally understand. I really think that doctors should have to do heavy physical labor as part of their studies. A few smashed thumbs or toes, a sprained back would help give them empathy. I have Achilles tendon troubles. I can't hardly walk- when somebody comes over, I ask the to take the trash out to the dumpster. A specialist said if physical therapy didn't work- I was stuck, as surgery would leave me unable to walk because I would be on crutches. I'm staring at him-I'm there because I have severe pain from walking to the trash dumpster. I can stand for 10 minutes, but I'm wasted from pain when walking for 5 minutes.

Thank you for the update, okay??? Please keep writing and hope your frustrations are few. Mary.

update: so they referred me to a sports injury specialist and I see her next week. They are recommending to her that she do cortisone injections in my shoulder in the hopes that will help with the pain until I hopefully get my surgery. I had them once before about 10 years ago and it hurt like hell, not so much getting the shot but the 3 days afterwards as the cortisone worked its way in. I won't be able to use the arm for 3-4 days as you have to sling it. Here's hoping it works if the doctor does do it. Still no luck on pain meds. I have not been able to get hold of my doctor re the Lanacaine to ask about it. Last time I got these injections I was able to at least take Tylenol #3 but I was not allergic at that time.

Just a reminder for you... if you can get a hold of that "POLAR CARE" unit, this will help with the pain also after that injection. I know you want to be able to get outside and do the things you are used to... BUT you don't want to do any more damage or harm to yourself now do you??? This is a blip compared to what it could have been. Try to remain positive and this too will be over before you know it.

Sorry, just been a rough week. I finally got in to see a surgeon for the consult and after waiting months for the appointment he took one look at my file and said he wouldn't help me. He said he likes to cut shoulders open and in my case I need the orthoscopy surgery. My family doctor is furious as he was the one who looked at my file initially and approved the consult. I have wasted months waiting to see him and now go down to the bottom of the pile to see other surgeons. I managed to get a consult next month with a surgeon 2 hours away from me (as opposed to 9-12 months locally) so that is good news. The bad news is he is booking surgeries in October so I am looking at another 6 months minimum before the surgery. I feel like my life has been on hold for the last year and now no end in site. I am very physical in my life style (kayak, biking, baseball, etc) and I cannot do any of that. Hi busdrivingladi.

Did you have fentanyl patches or what? I'm not suffering any pain, but I have a rare-aggressive cancer that likes to eat through bones. I've been told that I won't get pain killer until my organs are attacked. This stuff avoids soft tissue. It started on the skin. So please answer. Thank you 2 Nov 2012.

You mentioned you didn't like tramadol But tramadol 50 mg Tablets are very different ingredients to the extended relief XL etc. No tylenol. I, too, am very sensitive to sulpha, morphine yet tramadol 50 mg tabs work great for me, only need 2 a day every 6-8 hours, no side effects, to my surprise. You can cut them in half also to 25 if you like. Also, I see no addiction issues at all, thats just me. I can go without it for a day or 2 and be fine without. Good luck 8 May 2012.

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Wonderful idea! I has this after my shoulder surgery and never knew what it was called. I wouldn't let them touch my shoulder again without it - kept me sane for 2 months! EJ23 9 May 2012.

I am allergic to codeine and morphine and I had a kidney stone. Took fentanyl and it did really well. I later discovered I am allergic to dilaudid as well. So for me its just fentanyl. It is used to treat cancer patients that have "breakthrough" pain. I didn't feel drugged up (not to my knowledge) and didn't have withdrawal or addictive responses either. Ask your dr. If its right for you.

... anyone have a suggestion for pain relief i thought i was in heaven for 6 days almost pain free with the dilaudid now on monday i see a.

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I don't know what I would have done (pain wise) without this thing because I literally didn't take one pain med while I was using this thing right after surgery and, of course, runs through the night. When physical therapy started then that is when the "FUN" began!!! Oh BROTHER... I was hurting but as soon as I got home... I hooked myself up and literally "chilled out" until the relief set in. It is that cold and supposed to be a superior means to control pain through the "cold" technique plus non-movement of that limb because you aren't feeling pain or having muscle spasms and such.

We are here to help you and support you as needed. I hope you are okay but perhaps still searching for the right answer to this question or trying things on your own for relief.

I am allergic to all morphine and similar meds. If I take codeine I either start itching like crazy or my stomache starts spasming which is incredibly painful. Everything else they said is in those families. It is so frustrating. 8 May 2012.

Sorry i meant to write Tramadol not Lipitor!!! 8 May 2012.

I know I am supposed to use ice but heat feels so much better. I got one those Sunbeam neck and shoulder heating pads for Christmas and it feels so good. I try to do both. I will let you know what happens on Wednesday regarding the sports injury doctor and the shots.

Yeah, I think I would be pretty darn irked at this point, too!!! I swear these people have no compassion let alone a sense of urgency or plain "decency" for us who suffer from various illnesses and conditions... and then have to sit around and wait for the next breakthrough!!!

Check with your insurance company to see if they will cover it but get your doctor to write a script for it. Otherwise it runs around 125.00 dollars U.S... Expand.

lidocaine-lidocaine- lana caine might be the brand name-but the med is lidocaine--- don't limit yourself to one thing. I know about getting in to see doctors. I call and see if I can get in within a few days, get in with a PA that does same day-then go to Urgent care. The system said that I wasn't using the system correctly and if I was really ill I'd go to the ER at that facility-I did-$6,000 USD. I think that they finally got it-and I don't have headaches or back problems.

Should be- also a person can get a prescription for lidocaine cream thats pretty strong. Ask your doctor. I do know that ice packs can help. I depend on them a lot. Every dentist and all urgent care has lidocaine to kill pain with lidocaine injections. It took me a few weeks to get my lidocaine. I borrowed some from my son, and then replaced them when I got mine. The lidocaine really helped my back spasms 10 May 2012 Hi busdrivingladi.

Wondering how you are doing as you haven't posted a response since asking your original question.

I hope this also helps you... that was the first surgery I had where I didn't need to take anything for pain but to pay attention to the ice level and water ratio in the cooler. Hugs, Mary.

I tore my shoulder and after surgery I was in need of med's pain was no fun once the block wore off, but my friend just had hers done and they sent her home with a pain bag!! Trazodone is good for pain, and a whole bunch of others call your pharmacy and ask what they think. If you take tramadol, you might be able to take hydrocodone or others. I was allergic to tramadol but not any of the Hydro's, Oxy's, Dilaudid. Med's can be odd like that, I took Morphine Sulfate IR and it helped my pain but gave me migranes and some small side effects (they call allergic reactions) but was one of the best pain med's for the pain besides a few others. Good Luck.

I believe my physio therapist mentioned a unit like this to me. It sounds similar. He said he will set me up with one for after the surgery. Hope it helps as well as it did for you.

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Tramadol was going to be my suggestion, maybe a lower dose might carry less side-effects for you. What does your Dr have to say or suggest? 9 May 2012.

Just saw your post and we have everything in common. I am allergic to almost everything to. Right now I am on fentenal patches 75mg 1 every 2 days and the so called new version of vicodone. I still don't get any relieve.I know your post is an older one but just checking to see if you have found anything else to take. 16 Oct 2013.

I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but when given morphine, it accentuates my pain rather than rid me of it. Demerol did well.

It is wonderful and you will wake up from surgery with it on and running already. But I see there is a little hitch here. I am sorry for that and all this wasted time.

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Thanks for the update and I will keep you in prayer... Good luck and may God be with you always. May HE ease your pain and cradle you in comfort. Amen Mary.

I'll say a prayer for you so that you don't stay aggravated and frustrated over it, okay??? Mary.

For my condition-gel packs aren't cold enough to help-My Dr said ice. I go to the hunting dept or hunting store and buy the big blue sheets of ice cubes made for ice chests to keep beer and fish cold. I freeze them, then wrap them over my clothes, The moving around, reaching for the TV remote, etc, helps massage the area-which Dr. says good.

I wanted to say hello and I am gona go thru questions to see if I can be any help about pain issues. I have had many back surgerys and I have Lupus.

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Pain medication without codeine