Floricet with Codeine - how much does fioricet with codeine cost?

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Codeine price
Floricet with Codeine - how much does fioricet with codeine cost?

I don't have insurance and ive been on the regular fioricet for a while. This is the second time ive been on it. Then i heard about it with codeine. So my doctor and i are going to try that but we were going to wait a little while to see if depakote would help. but that was wayyyy to expensive. i know regular fioricet only cost me like 11 dollars. i know tylenol with codeine only costs about 10-15 dollars. So i was curious. Does anyone know how much it costs without insurance? 8 Apr 2010.

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You're doing the right thing by checking your condition and meds. Always keep those lines of communication open with your doctor. They are there to help. It sounds as if you are fortunate enough to have a caring doctor. Wishing you a pain free day! Chris.

I suffer from severe migraine headaches, and Fioricet with Codeine is the only thing that works and I have tried all kinds of pain meds. My health.

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If you could give more info? How many pills? mg of codeine? I could check for you but I doubt it's much higher in price than the Tylenol w/ codeine. What confuses me is the Depakote. That's an anti seizure medication and also a mood stabilizer. I'm confused as it does nothing for pain??

... The only med that helps my migraines is Fioricet with codeine. I can't take triptans and Tylenol 3 does absoluy nothing. I know Frioricet.

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Fioricet with codeine is FAIRLY cheap BUT not nearly as cheap as Tylenol w/codeine.Trust me on this though tylenol w/codeine will NOT work 1/2 as good as Fioricet.It ONLY comes with 30mg.of codeine(1/2 a gram)One SURE way to l is:Your MD can prescribe pure codeine 30 mg.and try that with tylenol and try w/ aspirin(At *separate times)AND** coffee- there you have all three ingredients WITHOUT the barbituate.If it works-then you'll know it's the codeine, and not the barb. I've founf nothing to compare to the combination of the caff. aspirin,butalbital*& codeine.BUT it is Wicked addicting-even if you don't think so i.e.If you take 2 capsules for a bad 1-you will surely feel it wear off in like 5 hours,and you'll probably want to take 1 then 6* hours later.Hence if you can use the Fioricet(or ) Fiorinal without the codeine DO. If* you want to just try it with the codeine-ask your MD to prescribe like 8-10 tabs of codeine 30mg. Expand.

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Qualitest does not help my headaches at all.

then you would take 1 with the Fiorinal.At the very least you'll have a few of the codeine-to try with it when your H.A. is real bad-so you cld use the narcotic codeine in emergency h.a.. The Depakote is supposed to help as Yes-it's a mood stabilizer,so think about that.. it makes the blood flow at a more constant level subsiding the "migraine attack"

what are the mgs of fioricet w/codeine.

OK..Fioricet has butabitol (sp) in it. That's a barbituate. Mostly used for tension headaches. If this is what you use it for, and it isn't working, then I could see the doctor adding the codeine. Sorry, still confused about the depakote.

yeah, we aren't sure why i get headaches. Well we think we are but we don't know. I know something changed in my fioricet and it doesn't work very well anymore. So i did my own research and found out about the fioricet with codeine. I told her about it and she did like the idea. I was starting to get rebound headaches anyway. I figured it might be around the same price as the tylenol. Im thinking it can't be to expensive.

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... the migraine so I only take it if I'm on the verge of going to the ER. I know they can cause a rebound migraines and I'm constantly.

4 answers • 3 Nov 2010.

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i was just trying to get an estimate. I don't know how many shes going to call in. She was prescribing Depakote for migraines and depression. I looked it up and it does treat migraines and tension headaches and minor pains.

Codeine price