Sizzurp Cough Syrup OFF THE MARKET -- Bad News For Justin

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12:26 | Author: Hannah Ramirez

Promethazine codeine
Sizzurp Cough Syrup OFF THE MARKET -- Bad News For Justin

Widespread panic in the rap world -- the high-end cough syrup that's become the lean of choice for Justin Bieber, Soulja Boy, and MANY other rap figures has officially been taken off the market... all because of its reputation as a widely abused drug. A rep for Actavis -- famous for the highly-refined cough syrup -- ls TMZ, "Given, Actavis has made the bold and unprecedented decision to cease all production and sales of its Promethazine Codeine product." As we reported, Bieber loves the stuff... as does Soulja Boy, who regularly posts pictures of Actavis bottles on his Instagram. The Actavis rep adds, "This attention has glamorized the unlawful and dangerous use of the product, which is contrary to its approved indication." Before Actavis pulled the plug on the product, the street value of a pint bottle hovered around $800 -- but sources familiar with the market l TMZ, rappers are now offering insane sums to buy up whatever's left. We're told one prominent rapper has already offered his dealer up to $100,000 to get whatever he can. Hilariously, being the dumbass he is, Soulja Boy posted a photo of SIX bottles on Monday referencing the Actavis shortage -- "Soulja got the juice. They say the streets dry. I say you gotta be kiddin me. I serve everybody." News flash to Soulja -- As far as Actavis is concerned, its game's over.

HAHAHA. Yeah, they're all probably freaking the hell out. What fcking idiots. Can these two just be locked up in jail already? I'm SO sick of Bieber news. He's a talentless s***bag. So is Soulja boy, who has clearly already lost too many brain cells. kewljewl.

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OK so what...they'll get the next best thing...activis will see they ain't getting the cash they were getting and put it back on the market. Duh. Money talks lcmb.

Any chance of yanking Beiber off the market too? oleman.

souljaboy nothing but a loser, at least bieber makes money! Dog And Pony.

This is good news. Jackie.

Just give them an overdose- Serpent of Sandoz.

Tmz you are so stupid. You can get anything with the right money. Look at canada and the end of oxyxontin lol. Bitches still get it. Haha tmz eat my ***** zzyzx.

Call TMZ at (888) or Click Here.

Yay, here comes their withdrawals!! OBAMA2016.


Let's hope all of these people OD while they can get it. The world would be a much better place! OBAMA2016.

Justin, please just speedball something stronger and get it over for us already. Christina G.

Some of these musicians are looking for ways to piss away their money. If you're dumb enough to use this junk you could be dumb enough to post about it... and dumb enough to over pay for it.

When you enter your name and address you'll be sent a link via to confirm your comment. Please keep your comments relevant to this post. addresses are never displayed, but they are required to confirm your comments. kali rappers = losers UhOH!!!

Success does not imply brains, though it often crushes them. Cool Papa Sizzzad. :(

Cough syrup?, im ok with mild drug use. Thats just me. But at least pick something better than cough syrup! I mean who wants to walk around all slunched and slurred. rt.

So addicts will find another way to get their opiates. Opium addiction has been around since human first learned to farm, opium poppies included. A century ago, it was fashionable to smoke pure opium resin out of long pipes. Public opium dens were as common as bars. In the 1970s in Europe, IV heroin was the norm.among opium addicts. More recently in the US, opium addiction has also shown up in pill form: oxycontin or 'willfully heroin'. Actavis may be gone but an addict will always find a way to get their next fix. JLS.

Promethazine codeine