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Liquid codeine drink
Drinking Lean A Dangerous Trend - KLEAN Treatment Centers

The effects of taking DXM vary depending on the amount taken. Some claim they have visual distortion and others claim complete out of body experiences. Imagine mixing this kind of drug with the powerful PCP, Cocaine, or Hydrocodone and the results are nothing short of bone chilling.

One such person that decided to partake in the Russian roulette cocktail, Lean, and lost was former San Diego safety, Terrance Kiel who died at 27 years of age. Kiel was driving the wrong way and crashed at an intersection where his car then rolled down a hill, ejecting him from it. Toxicology reports later indicated that Kiel had ingested a Lean cocktail before he took the wheel.

It’s very well received, it is fairly easy to get and many young people from across the nation simply love it, especially in Texas and Florida. It is called Lean. The Lean drink is a highly addictive makeshift cocktail that gets its name from the fact that when users are high on Lean they feel like they are leaning, very simply put. The ingredients in a Lean cocktail are promethazine (liquid codeine) and some type of liquid drink such as soda or fruit punch. There are some alternative ingredients that are often substituted or simply added in on occasion.

There is no doubt that any of the Lean concoctions are dangerous, in fact they are deadly. The combination of the formulations can bring on agitation, loss of consciousness, confusion, difficulty breathing, seizures, slow heartbeat and eventually death. The antihistamine coupled with the other ingredients makes this a Russian roulette cocktail for many.

DXM is used in many cough suppressants and cold preparations that are sold over the counter and can be bought easily at local drug stores. The Internet offers a plethora of information on how to order bulk dextromethorphan and what to do to achieve the best results once it arrives, including recipes.

It is important that parents and family members look for signs of Lean abuse. Red flags include someone that is taking too many OTC cold and flu drugs or who takes them for prolonged periods of time. If someone is carrying around these types of products or has them stashed in their room, backpack, or purse, this is a sign. Or, if these medicines are purchased and often come up missing, this could be a problem. Know that if it seems that a problem has been detected that help is available. You are not alone and there are professionals that can help.

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Lean drink is usually purple and also goes by the street names of Triple C, Barr, Purple Drank, DXM, DEX, or Robo. In 2005, the DEA sent out warnings about the active ingredient DXM after five teens died after taking it. Since, there have been numerous warnings from the DEA and from The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration about DXM and its other codeine based cohorts.

The usual replacement or enhancement is PCP, Cocaine, and sometimes even Hydrocodone. In a pinch, some have been known to use over the counter cough syrups that contain the active ingredient dextromethorphan (DXM). In small doses, DXM is a well suited cough suppressant but only in small doses. When DXM is abused and taken in larger than recommended doses it offers effects like ketamine or PCP, hallucinations and all.

Liquid codeine drink