How much codeine is in acetaminophen with codeine #3

How much tylenol and codeine is in tylenol 3?

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How much codeine is in acetaminophen with codeine #3
How much tylenol and codeine is in tylenol 3?

1 Answer (question resolved) - Posted in: tylenol, codeine, dosage - Answer: There is 30 mg of codiene and 300 of tylenol in each tab.

... wrist last week.

When people start believing the junk on tv, they have a problem. I hate that they advertise for meds and lawyers on tv. Now the lawyers have computers calling people saying "if you took pradaxa, actos, etc" Like people need encouragement to sue. They really tick me off with the phone calls, they're calling my cell phone with this crap. This is all for money. There is no social conscience whatsoever.

I took Darvon for years and years, and they added tylenol to it. I even turned green and had my daughter take me to the ER. That was 20 min after leaving the AF pharmacy and we hadn't left town. Then it was pulled off the market 4 TWO things-being highly addictive and ruining people's livers. I just wonder how many of 2days problems R caused by Tylenol?

We didn't try to abuse everything that came down the pike. I don't know why the kids want to escape life rather then live it.

Kaismama--- You remember TV before drug companies were allowed to advertise on TV? TV and radio broadcasters wanted to advertise, drug companies, Walgreens, etc wanted to do this. They lobbied the federal (FTC?) communications agency-what ever they call it, and the FDA lobbied to do this. The only people and group that protested, sued, and lobbied to block this was the AMA, with its pediatrics group, psychiatrists, family doctors and other specialties. Their reason is that what is happening would happen. That psychologically, children and parents would look for meds to solve problems, instead of family's developing coping skills, that it would cause a psychological familiarity with meds- and that would reduce the sense of caution that we used to have with prescription meds. Thjurs. I was reading an article about this in a different way in the AMA Ejournal-that when prescription meds become over the counter-that patients and pharmacists begin ignoring the warning labels, and feel the med cannot have any physical or mental consequences. Add this to boredom.

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There is 30 mg of codiene and 300 of tylenol in each tab. Thank you :).

I take t3 --doses are 12 hours apart. Can I take tylenol 500mg, dose of 2 pills approsimay 6 hours between t3 doses?

Then we were scared the owners would have us arrested. A group of 5 female classmates were followed- he drove slow, circled the block, etc. and they walked up to a house, and luck was with them, the key was under the door mat-they went in- cleaned the kitchen, the fridge, mopped, dusted-and the guy stayed out front for awhile-and then came back. I don't think that it really looked like they knew where the key was, or he was waiting for one of the girls to leave-we were 12-14. The family came home, and the husband drove them to their homes. Now the husband would be suspected of being a pervert or something. So the kids are stressed and bored.

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I think that they are bored. They don't have any outlets. They can't sit and stare at an ant hill and see the wonder of the ants carrying in bits of grass or what ever. Everything is so organised, and that makes it stressful. Also the parents have to have money now, and there are so many laws that didn't exist. When the weather was nice, we'd go to a field and play a type of baseball, ally oop over sheds, keep away, tag, when it was warmer, we'd go to the beach-shore of a lake, river, the ocean. I'd spend hours reading a book under a tree. I'd go to a neighbor's, clean his stable and ride his horses. The area I was in, we were worried about being abducted when walking home from the beach-we were tired-on foot-A guy started following my brother and I, as we got off the main road. He stopped and asked us if we wanted a ride. We said we lived in the next house, walked up to the back gate, and went in. Expand.

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I agree with you. Darvon had aspirin in it. We used alot of it when I was in the army. Then they started messing with it.

... energy to help me with my chores is this new med going to make me sleepy ?or give me the same effect as my vicoden 10s???

The implication is that we are taking more than one in a day and it adds up. No, one 300 mg dose of tylenol is not a lot, over the counter tylenol meds usually contain 500 mg and you are instructed to take 2. For a healthy person you can take up to 4,000 mg a day. But with prescribed pain meds like tylenol 3, if the person is unaware that there is 300 mg of tylenol they might think taking more is ok if it is not adequay relieving the pain, thinking that an increase in codeine is less threatening, forgetting to calculate the amount of tylenol. When I first asked this question I was taking 1-2 tylenol 3s every 4-6 hours as prescribed, but had never taken it before and didn't know the breakdown. The conversation that insued suggested that with the amount that is generally taken, you can quickly be maxing the recommended dose of tylenol and prolonged use can be damaging to your liver. Expand.

Parents need to stop pushing their kids so hard to do all these things, however, kids still have the opportunity to do some of the things we did. I am so stressed but I don't take drugs to escape it, somewhere they aren't taught how to cope with anything. To go from drugs not even being a thought to a point where drugs are the answer to everything, in 2 generations is appalling to me. And they don't care that the things they are using to get high can kill them, the first time they try it.

These comments seem to imply that 300mg is a lot of Tylenol when in reality it's slightly less than one regular over the counterTylenol. Unless a person has a liver problem or allergy to acetaminophen (Tylenol) that's a very small dose, like a child's dose.

I knew lots of sailors and marines that took it, and they just didn't have problems other then getting drunk in Tijuaana and arrested for not finding a bath room.

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I have a perscription for tylenol 3 but have no idea what the breakdown is in mg. I have taken Vicodin or Norco and know that the 5/325 means 5 mg hydrocodone and 325 mg tylenol. But the tylenol 3- I have no idea what the breakdown is... If someone could let me know please, thank you. 13 Sep 2012.

I don't think some docs are tuned in yet to all the tylenol they're prescribing. If you point it out, they look surprised. I'd be happy if they stopped putting it in other meds. If you feel you need something to make the pain med stronger, you can always take one a few times a day.

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Good god- no wonder I got sick from the acetaminophen!!!

Its just about being aware of what you're taking, which is why I asked the question in the first place, and the first response sufficiently answered that, but then people sometimes like to chat lol.

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